Artist of month – Sasha Unisex

colors, tattoo artist, watercolor

This post will be in english because I write about an artist who is not Danish 🙂

Even though my blog is new, I thought about it for a long long time. Planning and exploring ideas for my own tattoo I’m always looking for inspiration and have been for a long time, this is where I came across Sasha Unisex.



I followed Sasha Unisex on Instagram for more than a year now. Her style is beautiful, inspiring, unique and the way she works with colors are incredible. She uses the technique of watercolors and in this cold and grey november I find her tattoos delightful. She makes her own designs, drawings and tattoos. She makes a lot with animals and nature. I just saw its also possible to buy a temporary tattoo for the ” not daring people”…

Chosing what to show of her work, on my blog, is almost impossible, but Google her name and the world of coulors will appear.



Sasha is from Russia, based in Moscow last time I checked. I wrote to her about a 1 1/2 year ago, considering if I should book a ticket to Moscow to get a tattoo..or two. I decided i’m hoping she starts travelling more to make tattoos, maybe arriving in Copenhagen one day.

She told me to look out for openings on her instagram, so if anyone else love her work (I know alot do) check her out…but don’t book my time;-)

(All pictures shown belongs to the artist!!)

Snowy greetings